All the world's a stage...

And all the men and women merely players;

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\m/ Rawk Your Socks \m/
18 December 1977
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I like to play god, says it all really.

But if you so desire one can refer to me by my real name, Em, or Emies ...whichever is more convenient as I do understand ILTPG is rather cumbersome :]

Anywho, enjoy looking, read, comment and what have you. Friends are welcome, but be reminded...
If you're not into the sims there is no point.

Do you Twitter?
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When downloading any of my sims and/or houses, please DO comment. Even if to just say, "hey! [s]he/it is pretty awesome, I grabbed it!", it would be appreciated. And most importantly: Don't claim anything as your own, and/or reproduce/tweak/spindle and re-upload anywhere else. Theft does not make you cool!

Of course showing what has become of these simenly people and how one may have decorated, would be pretty cool too [Just post on their original entry or drop me a line about it]. Thanks :]
terms +
  • Claim as your own. That is just plain tacky!
  • Share on pay sites, it's free for you, it should be free for everyone else.
  • Re-upload elsewhere, link to here instead please.
  • Use and abuse in your game to your hearts content.
  • Share on full sims, just remember where you got it.
  • Tell everyone about it! HA!
  • Enjoy :]
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